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Barriers and opportunities to women’s economic empowerment and paid work in Fiji

July – September 2023 |
Client: The World Bank |
Supported the World Bank to undertake a qualitative study in Fiji that explores constraints to women’s access to paid employment in and opportunities for women’s greater access to work opportunities. Key informant interviews and focus group discussions were undertaken on Vanua Levu in vosavakaviti and Fiji baat through a team of five social researchers.

Demystifying climate finance impacts in small island developing states : Pacific women’s perspectives from Funafuti and Weno

At Talanoa Consulting, we’re passionate about locally-led, inclusive research, programme design, implementation and evaluation that is informed and conducted using Pacific approaches. Wherever possible, we do what we can to amplify the voices of researchers and practitioners from the Pacific on our platforms. In the aftermath of COP26, where Pacific delegates have sought to amplify the needs and priorities of Pacific communities, Dr. Jale Samuwai, reminds us of the important work that is still to do in ensuring that climate finance is effective in addressing the needs of women in the region.

Claiming the space as Pacific experts

Presenter leads a panel discussion

The current situation presents an opportunity for the development machinery to relook at the mode of implementing work in the region and the way the system defines who the experts are that can support the implementation of development assistance.

Together: Resisting, Supporting, Healing

Together Resisting, Supporting, Healing poster

Many of us working on climate change, disaster risk reduction and disaster risk management are often talking about risk. And for those that try to ensure that all people and their rights are at the centre of these conversations, we are often talking about how the risk of climate change and disasters can exacerbate other underlying risks to our wellbeing and human security. But far too often, we are talking in abstract terms about the needs of particular groups, or the way in which the system needs to change to better address diverse priorities.

How can we ensure tourism businesses survive?​

Photo of hiking guides in the interior of Fiji

The recently published World Bank report, ‘How Could the Pacific Restore International Travel?’ is close to our hearts, as we have a sister enterprise in tourism. We’ve done our best to extract the key recommendations and remove the jargon. Because, let’s face it, who really reads these reports anymore (a blog for another time…).

A flower with a story


When designing this website for Talanoa Consulting, we struggled for a long time to find an image for our homepage that looked right and our whole team were happy with. With the clock ticking on the developer’s time, we settled on a placeholder image that we all liked that had been taken several years ago on a climb of Fiji’s highest mountain, Mt Tomaniivi.

Tourism And Marine Conservation Agreements

I’ve always been a passionate believer, as a traveller and a tourism business owner, of the ability of the tourism sector to contribute to environmental protection.

This study sought to provide evidence to demonstrate some of the existing partnerships between tourism operators and marine resource stewards in Fiji.