Protected Areas in Fiji policy briefs

n progress
Consultancy support to the development of information materials on sustainable financing pathways and cost modelling for Fiji’s marine and terrestrial protected area networks.
Client: Conservation International, Suva

Gender and Agricultural Value Chains

In progress
Review of existing literature on entry points for strengthening gender and social inclusion within agricultural value chains in the Pacific
Client: SPC, Suva

Human mobility in the context of climate change

August- September, 2019
Review and finalisation of gender and human mobility research, and development of a toolkit module
Client: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Green Climate Fund evaluation

April- May, 2019
National Consultant to Support an Independent Evaluation of the Green
Climate Fund’s Country Ownership Approach – Suva, Fiji
Client: ICF

Project management training delivery

March 1, 2019
Period: March 2019 – June 2019
Capacity building training in project management and resource mobilisation for grantees of the Fiji Women’s Fund.
Client: Fiji Women’s Fund, Suva

Resilience Training

January – September , 2019
Integration of resilience aspects into ecosystem-based management guidelines and training
Client: Wildlife Conservation Society

Business Link Pacific evaluation

January 1, 2019
Period: January – February 2019
Supported an independent evaluation of Business Link Pacific led by a NZ-based consulting firm.
Client: Sapere Group, New Zealand